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Our goal is not just satisfaction of the form and procedure, but also the achievement of the results in the best interests of the client. In an innovative, ambitious and dynamic way, we approach the resolution of each case, respecting the principles and values of all relevant codes of law.


KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office employs top lawyers who provide clients with the highest quality of professional services.

Kovačević Law Office team comprises attorneys at law with extensive professional experience in various areas of commercial law, which they gained through many years of work in companies in Serbia, as well as many years of practice in the field of commercial law and other traditional areas of law.

Our services

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office provides legal services in the following areas of law, commercial law, foreign investment, infrastructure, banking and financial law, IT law, intellectual property law, mediation and dispute resolution, family and inheritance law, consumers protection law, labor law, tax law, criminal law and other areas of law.


Corporate & commercial law

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office provides a wide range of legal services related to Company Law.


Real estate

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office advises clients in all real estate transactions, as well as in other related areas. 


IT law

We advise freelancers or IT companies on rights and obligations, drafting contracts, data protection and privacy, as well as other related areas.


Banking & finance

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office provides a wide range of legal advice in the field of banking and financial law.


M & A

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office advises clients in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, as well as other there with connected issues.


Foreign investment

We provide legal support to foreign investors in establishing and expanding their existing business in Serbia.

More legal areas

Lawyer's fee

Advokatska tarifa je propis u kom je određen način plaćanja i cena advokatskih usluga, odnosno pružanja pravne pomoći od strane advokata. Pun naziv je “Tarifa o nagradama i naknadama troškova za rad advokata”. Advokatska tarifa je doneta od strane Advokatske komore Srbije i svi advokati u Srbiji su dužni da se pridržavaju propisanih cena prilikom naplate advokatskih usluga.

All lawyers in Serbia must follow regulated prices and payment methods. One must differentiate between premium fee and reimbursement fee. Lawyers have right to charge the client for work on the specific case, but they can also charge for necessary expenses they had while working on the case.

Za cenu advokatskih usluga za Vaš predmet slobodno nas kontaktirajte na broj telefona 063/8637018 or via e-mail office.adv.kovacevic@gmail.com.

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What our clients say about us

"Marijana has an exceptionally strong eye for details that has been a benefit to our firm, she managed the legal affairs of our company for more than four years. Her work style is focussed and dedicated, she is a patient thinker, and she investigates many options before she reaches a conclusion and provides legal opinion. Marijana is an extremely talented attorney who cares a great deal about her clients and her firm."
Nikola Čelanović
CEO, Typhoon HIL