Corporate & commercial law

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office provides a wide range of legal services related to Company Law.

Our law firm can assist you in a phase of pre-incorporation and incorporation of your company in Serbia as well as provide legal support in all other regulatory matters related to the functioning of the company in Serbia.

  • Advising on and preparation of all necessary documents for the establishment of the company, associations, foundations and other legal entities
  • Registrations and filings with Serbian Business Registers Agency and other institutions
  • Drafting of documentation and legal advising concerning statutory changes, and increase/reduction of the capital
  • Legal advising related to Corporate governance
  • Drafting of a memorandum of association, articles of association, shareholders agreements, rules, procedures, decisions and other internal corporate documents
  • Preparation and legal advice concerning shareholders’ assembly, a board of directors, executive board and supervisory board meetings


Real estate

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office advises clients in real estate transactions, as well as other therewith connected issues. We have considerable experience and expertise in handling a wide range of real estate transactions, across all major sectors: office, retail, industrial, hotels and residential.

  •  Advice on and drafting Real Estate purchase/sales agreements and residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Registration of rights and facts in the Land registry
  • Establishment, registration, realization and deletion of mortgage
  • Legal support and filings with competent administrative bodies in permitting, construction, zoning and registration
  • Legal due diligence
  • Real estate litigation


IT law

  • Application of GDPR, drafting and harmonization of contracts and supporting documents
  • Advising a freelancer or IT company in relation to the rights and obligations between the Client and the Developer, as well as the draft of an Agreement on Providing IT services (development, programming, design, etc.) both in Serbian and in English language.
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Protection of copyright and intellectual property rights on the Internet


Banking & finance

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office provides a wide range of legal advice in the field of banking and financial law. We are offering advice relating to syndicated loans, corporate and project finance, project finance for real estate development, infrastructure finance, cross border finance, public-private partnership and status issues, as well as the issues of corporate governance in the fields of banking and finance.
We help our clients in understanding and interpreting the regulations govering banking and finance areas in the Republic of Serbia. We engage in structuring and restructuring, implementation of agreements and securitisation of our clients business transactions.


M & A

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office advises clients in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, as well as other there with connected issues.

  • Legal due diligence
  • Drafting of Non-disclosure Agreements – NDA
  • Implementation and drafting of transaction documents
  • Post-transaction support
  • Advice on Change of control event
  • Assisting in sales/purchase of assets and businesses
  • Advising related to Joint ventures


Foreign investment

We provide legal support to foreign investors in establishing and expanding their existing business in Serbia.
Our legal services in the field of foreign investment cover all legal solutions in this area, from the idea of investing to the complete implementation of the investment project.


Legal relations

We provide all types of legal services related to development, construction, lease, management, structuring, finance, purchase and disposal od busines, residdential and other properties,as well as due diligence for real estate mortgage.


Intellectual property law

Our Law firm can offer your company tailor-made advice solutions to all IP issues in the Serbian legal system.


Mediation & dispute resolution

KOVAČEVIĆ Law Office aims at preventing potential disputes and court proceedings of our clients throught prior identification od legal risks in any legal transaction, as well as through creting appropriate mechanisms for prevention of their activation and mechanisms for their resolution.

In agreement with clients, we negotiate in order to reach out-os-court settlement of disputes and, if it is not workable we provide the best professional representation before all national and international courts and arbitrarions. We have experience and technicak facilitieis to conduct at the same time a large number of court proceedings for the needs of our clients, including the agreed monitoring and reporting.


Labour law

On a daily basis, our Law Firm deals with a lot of Labor Law issues, employment disputes, drafting of all legal documents related to employment, negotiations with employees and employers, collective agreements, unions etc.

We can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance from the moment you found your company in Serbia.

  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Whistleblowing
  • Discrimination
  • Employee information and consultation
  • Restructuring and redundancy
  • Mediation
  • Negotiations with union organizations during collective bargaining
  • Labour litigation, including collective agreement disputes
  • Advising on all aspects of labour safety requirements
  • Work permits for foreigners

    We add value to our clients’ businesses by keeping track of and regularly updating our clients on changes in the area of Labor law and assisting in implementing any necessary changes.


Tax law

In cooperation with the best experts in this Region, we provide our clients with comprehensive services in the area of taxation from tax planning to adjustment of business operations with tax regulations.


Penal & misdemeanor law

Defence of clients in criminal, infringement, commercial and disciplinary proceedings, mediation, consultancy and all other forms of legal assistance for enforcement and protection of rights and interests of natural and legal persons.


Family & inheritance law

Legal counseling and mediation in family and inheritance procedures (determination of custody, divorce, shared property, etc.), applying modern techniques and principles in order to reach an agreement

Representation before all courts and other state bodies in extra-judicial proceedings


Legal counseling

At the request, providing oral and / or written legal advice.

Lawyer's fee

Lawyer tariff is a regulation that specifies payment methods and lawyer’s fees, i.e. offering legal assistance. The full title of this regulation is „Tariff scale on premium and reimbursement fees for the lawyer. The Lawyer Tariff is regulated by the BAR Association of Serbia.

All lawyers in Serbia must follow regulated prices and payment methods. One must differentiate between premium fee and reimbursement fee. Lawyers have right to charge the client for work on the specific case, but they can also charge for necessary expenses they had while working on the case.

For calculation of the expenses for your case, feel free to contact us on 063/8637018 or via e-mail